Standard Features

Requires only a shallow 14" (356mm) deep pit
and 96" (2438mm) of overhead space for easy
adaptation to new or existing structures

Emergency Battery Powered Lowering with
Automatic Battery Recharging System in the
event of a main building power failure

1:2 Cable Hydraulic Drive System provides
smooth, quiet, safe and dependable operation
Submersible Hydraulic Pump for quiet, efficient

Large standard cab platform size of 35" (890mm)
wide by 60" (1525mm) deep

Automatic Emergency Cab Lighting in the event
of a main building power failure

Travel distance of up to 40 feet (12m) and 5 stops

Slack Cable Safety Device monitors cable status.
If the device detects a slack cable condition, the
lift "safeties" immediately operate to stop the lift
and prevent further movement

Variable two-speed valve available with
automatic operation for graduated speed control
for soft stops and starts

Standard Cab Features

Stainless steel handrail

Stainless steel control panel/trim

Choice of eight (8) melamine wall panels

Attractive digital floor indicator

Solid ceiling with four recessed incandescent

Illuminated push button car and landing control

Automatic time lighting

Emergency alarm button and stop switch


Telephone cabinet in stainless steel
Power folding car gate with automatic operation
A variety of cab sizes up to 47" (1194mm) x 60"
(1525mm) and 35" x 84" Casket Lift Cab
Variable Speed Valve for soft stops and starts
with automatic operation
Manual or automatic Pro Door features a 2 hour
UL/ULC fire rated assembly, 35" (890mm) door
opening, concealed electrical/mechanical true
interlock, integrated call station in door frame
with ‘in use’ lights, aluminum checker plate
landing sill, digital floor display and 24 volt-DC
controls with emergency battery backup