The CONCORD P.A.L. EN is Concord's Enclosed
Vertical Wheelchair Platform Lift designed to
provide a safe and reliable means of vertical access
for persons with physical disabilities.

The P.A.L. EN is a 1:2 cable hydraulic lift and is
available in two standard platform sizes, both with
43 3/8" high barrier side walls. An emergency
battery powered "backup" system provides
lowering and raising of the lift even during a main
power failure. The emergency battery is kept ready
and fully charged by the automatic battery
recharging system. Safety features include
under-platform obstruction sensors, constant
pressure control buttons, handrail, emergency stop
switch, final limit switch, and anti-slip flooring.

The P.A.L. EN can be installed indoors or outdoors
and will provide many years of reliable service with
it's high tech construction and electrostatically
applied baked-on polyester gloss powder coat