Concord’s Orion is a fully enclosed commercial
elevator that makes code compliance fast and easy.
Completely redesigned, it meets all current American
and Canadian Code requirements (American Society
of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) A17.1, Canadian
Standards Association’s CSA B44-00 Section 5.2.) for
limited-use/ limited application (LU/LA) elevators. It is
also suitable for residential use.

Our innovative cable hydraulic drive system delivers
reliable, quiet, and smooth operation while serving two
to four floors. With several door and gate options, and
a wide variety of cab colors and interiors to choose
from, Orion can be personalized to complement any
décor. The Concord Orion is a user-friendly, cost-
effective solution for both new construction, and when
adding an elevator to an existing structure. Easily
installed, and requiring a shallow 14" pit depth, the
Orion can be applied to nearly any low-rise application.

At Concord, our focus is on quality assurance,
reliability, and attention to detail. Our top priority is
always customer satisfaction. When you choose the
Orion, you can feel confident you are selecting the
best accessibility LU/LA elevator on the market, built
by the name you’ve trusted for over 30 years.