Standard Features:    INFINITY

750 or 1000 lb capacity

36 fpm (0.18 mps) rated speed

Hydraulic drive system for smooth, quiet

Standard cab platform of 35" (889mm) wide by
48" (1220mm)

80” interior cab height (2032mm)

Travel capability of up to 50 feet (12.2m) with up
to 5 stops

Shallow 8" (203mm) pit requirement for easy
adaptation to new or existing homes

Emergency battery powered lowering with
automatic battery recharging system

Automatic emergency cab lighting for added

Emergency alarm and stop buttons

Programmable logic controller

Attractive digital floor indicator in car

Four recessed ceiling lights

Illuminated haloed push buttons in car

Automatic timed lighting

230V operation

Optional Features:

Variety of cab configurations, including
front/back and 90 degree exit
Larger cab dimensions: and 35" (889mm) x 60“
(1524mm) cabs
96” (2438mm) interior ceiling height
Automatic gate operator
Elevator music during operation (programmed to
customer preference).